About Us

Fabtek is a family owned company primarily engaged in the manufacture of condensate return units, boiler feed systems, custom tanks, pumps and accessories utilized for the efficient collection and return of Steam Condensate to Boiler Rooms throughout North America. Focusing primarily on Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Laundry/Dry Cleaning applications, Fabtek products are largely sold through a network of distributors located in the United States and Canada.

Specializing in Stainless Steel construction, Fabtek tanks, pumps and accessories are of the highest quality and are built to withstand the difficult environments often found in and around a Steam Boiler system. Fabtek is highly vertically integrated, designing many of the components and accessories used on our systems in house and manufacturing them in our state of the art CNC Machining Center.

As a natural offshoot of our business manufacturing boiler room accessories and pumps, Fabtek offers complete boiler room skid packages including steam boiler and accessory skids, hot water boiler / heat exchanger skids and pumping skids for numerous applications. Our products, skid packages and machine work are produced by highly skilled local fabricators, machinists, welders, pipe fitters and electricians that Fabtek is very proud and fortunate to employ.

Centrally located about 60 miles Southwest of Chicago near major East/West and North/South trucking routes Fabtek can offer quick transit times and affordable shipping rates to most points in the US and Canada.


Fabtek’s origins trace back to WWII when in the early 40’s AERO Welding was founded in Aurora, IL in response to the war effort to fabricate metal components for the Army Air Corps, later to become the US Air Force. After the war, AERO Welding hired returning servicemen as welders and fabricators as it transitioned into a more traditional metal fabrication business.

After many years of operation in Aurora, the company was sold and moved to Sandwich, IL. The company was renamed Fabtek Unlimited and continued to fabricate metal products such as Farm Implements, BBQ grill covers and restaurant seating. In the early 2000’s the company was purchased by the founder, chief engineer and designer for a major local pump company which manufactured pumps that were often used in the Boiler Feed industry. The company was renamed Fabtek Aero Ltd. and moved to its current manufacturing plant in Plano, IL.

It was at this time that the company decided to manufacture a line of small vertical boiler feed systems utilizing Stainless Steel Tanks and Stainless Steel Pumps for the Laundry / Dry Cleaning Industry. This industry had traditionally used Carbon Steel Tanks and Cast Iron Pumps on their feed systems which often only lasted a few years at best due to the challenging operational conditions and corrosive nature of steam condensate and chemically treated or raw untreated feed water. By employing Stainless Steel construction, Fabtek was able to offer a system that would last for many, many years at a very small premium expense over the Carbon Steel systems offered by its competitors.

With the success of its small Stainless Steel Feed Systems, Fabtek expanded its standard offerings to include SS condensate return units and larger Horizontal Feed Systems and Custom Tanks for the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Markets. In early 2009 current management took over and subsequently purchased the Company. Current ownership has many years of experience in the Boiler & Pump Industry both on the manufacturing and distribution sides of the business and has overseen the tremendous growth that the company has experienced over the past several years.