Fabtek is a leading American manufacturer of stainless steel boiler systems. Highly skilled, in-house craftsman produces our tanks, pumps, and accessories. Our team is home to exceptional fabricators, machinists, welders, pipefitters, and electricians.

We design components and manufacture them in our state-of-the-art CNC machining center. Because we fabricate in stainless steel, our products are built to withstand the demanding environments often found near steam boiler systems.


  • Early 1940s: AERO Manufacturing is founded in Aurora, IL in response to the war effort.

  • Post-WWII: AERO Manufacturing hires returning soldiers as welders and fabricators.

  • 1950-60s: AERO Manufacturing designs and builds bomb shelters.

  • 1960s: AERO Manufacturing is purchased and renamed Fabtek Unlimited.

  • 1990s: Fabtek Unlimited sold and moves to Sandwich, IL.

  • Early 2000s: The company is purchased by the founder, chief engineer, and designer for a major local pump company.

  • 2001: Fabtek Unlimited is renamed to Fabtek Aero Ltd. and moves to a 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility to Plano, IL.

  • 2002: Fabtek begins manufacturing a line of small vertical boiler feed systems utilizing stainless steel tanks and pumps.

  • 2005: Fabtek expands its offerings to include stainless steel condensate return units.

  • 2009: Fabtek hires Mike Chesnutt as Company President.

  • 2010: Fabtek expands its offerings to include larger horizontal boiler feed systems and custom SS tanks.

  • 2011: Fabtek designs and begins to manufacture boiler feed and condensate system previously imported accessories in house

  • 2012: Mike Chesnutt purchases Fabtek from previous owner.

  • 2018: Fabtek moves to a new 24,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Sandwich, IL.

  • 2019: Fabtek begins process of obtaining ASME certifications to build pressure rated tanks and systems. Estimated completion by fall of 2019



Our company can trace its origins back to WWII. In the early 1940s, AERO Welding was founded in Aurora, IL in response to the war effort. They fabricated metal components for the Army Air Corps, which later became the US Air Force. After the war, AERO Welding hired returning soldiers as welders and fabricators as it transitioned into a more traditional metal fabrication business. Years later, the company was renamed Fabtek and continued to fabricate metal goods.

In 2002, we introduced our first line of stainless steel boiler products. The boiler industry had traditionally used carbon steel tanks and cast-iron pumps on their boiler systems. Often, they only last a few years due to the challenging operating conditions and corrosive nature of steam condensate from chemically treated and untreated feed water. By employing stainless steel construction, we can offer systems that last for many years more than the carbon steel systems provided by our competitors, all at a minimal expense.

Fabtek Boiler Systems